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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Review

A common misconception about Whole Foods is that everything in the store is healthy and organic. This is definitely NOT true. Just because a product comes from Whole Foods doesn’t mean that the product is healthy.

365 Whey Protein Powder contains hydrolyzed whey protein.  This is enough to warrant the WORST rating I can possibly give a product.

Don’t get me wrong though. I'm grateful for Whole Foods and shop there if there is something I need that I can't get from my own garden or my local farmer friends. Like anywhere else though, I have to be careful about what I purchase.

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Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Powder Ingredients (At the time of this writing):

  •  Cross-flow Micro-filtered and Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate,
  • Micro-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate,
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor,
  • Ion-exchange Whey Protein Isolate,
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Concentrate.
At first glance the Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Powder may not look too bad, but I personally wouldn't go anywhere near a product that contains hydrolyzed whey protein! Keep reading to learn why. 

Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Powder - Overall Rating: 1 out 5 

I like that the 365 Whey Protein Powder doesn't contain artificial sweeteners or additional sugar as far as I can tell. I say as far as I can tell, because I am skeptical anytime I see the words "natural flavor" in the ingredient list. Natural flavors are usually anything but natural. On occasion "natural flavors" can actually be completely natural and safe, but I know enough to very cautious when I see "natural flavor" posted on a product.

Even with these questionable pros in mind, it still does not make up for the long lists of cons I uncovered.

365 Whey Protein Powder contains hydrolyzed whey protein.  This is enough to warrant the worst rating I can possibly give a product.

Russell Blaylock, MD, board certified neurosurgeon,  has written extensively and argued convincingly about the dangers of excitotoxins such as hydrolyzed proteins.

You can get his book "Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills" from Amazon.com if you would like to learn more.

If you are looking for a healthy whey protein with the maximum health, fat-loss and muscle building benefits, I would definitely look elsewhere.

365 Whey Protein Powder - Pros

  • Free of added Sugar and artificial Sweeteners
  • Low Carb

365 Whey Protein Powder - Cons

  • Contains hydrolyzed whey protein
  • No nutritional co-factors present (such as coconut oil) rendering the protein less bio-available
  • No indication that the whey comes from grass-fed cows
  • Source is NOT from A2 raw milk
  • It has low or no CLA
  • Processed with ion-exchange
  • No indication that the product does NOT contain pesticides, hormones, and other harmful chemicals
  • Contains whey protein isolate

365 Whey Protein Powder - Quality Rating: 1 out 5

It appears that the 365 Whey Protein Powder is free of added sugar or artificial sweeteners which is definitely a great step in the right direction. However I have several problems with this product:

1. 365 Whey Protein Powder Contains Whey Protein Isolate

365 Whey Protein Powder is primarily a Whey Protein Isolate which contrary to popular belief is BAD.

Read this short post on Whey Isolate Versus Whey Concentrate to learn why.

2. Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Powder Uses Ion-Exchange

This is a terrible processing method that renders the whey protein useless.

3. Commercial Dairy? Pesticides and Other Harmful Chemicals?

I find it to be quite ironic that Whole Foods' brand of whey protein isn't certified organic. Furthermore more there are no claims made that the product is free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or other synthetic chemicals. This means it could very well contain all kinds of nasty hormones and chemicals and more than likely comes from commercial dairy which is something I avoid like the plague!

4. 365 Whey Protein Powder Does NOT Come from 100% Grass-Fed Dairy

From what I can tell this whey doesn't come from 100% grass-fed cows. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if I was wrong about this.

Cows are designed to eat grass instead of grains. When they eat grains, it is bad for the cows and bad for the people who consume the cow, the milk or in this case, the whey protein.

5. 365 Whey Protein Powder contains Hydrolyzed Whey Protein!

I would never consume anything that contained hydrolyzed protein! Ever! In effect, this means that it contains MSG which is a known neuro-toxin that has been linked to many health complications including brain lesions. Hydrolyzed proteins don't sound too healthy to me!

365 Whey Protein Powder - Taste Rating: 3 out of 5

(See the post on taste rating to see how I judge taste)

I”m going to be honest here. I don’t know from personal experience what this product tastes like. And that is because I am concerned about the quality, and I wouldn't put this whey protein powder in my body. I will not consume whey protein isolate, and I will definitely not consume a product that has been through ion exchange or contains hydrolyzed whey protein.

I only know of 2 people who have tasted the 365 Whey Protein Powder. They both seemed to think the taste was merely "okay." So for those of you want to see how yummy hydrolyzed whey protein is, you are just going to have to try it yourself. I'm not putting that stuff into my body!

365 Whey Protein Powder - Cost Rating: 1 out of  5

(See the short post on cost before you read on)

The talk of cost becomes pretty pointless when the quality is in question. Why waste your money on inferior whey protein products that either do nothing for your body or actually cause harm to your body, when there are great products available elsewhere?

365 Whey Protein Powder - Conclusion

The 365 Whole Foods Whey Protein Powder didn't make the list of whey protein powders I can confidently recommend because it does not meet my quality standards.


I hope this review has been helpful!


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  1. Wow! Love your video! Thank you so much! I just purchased a (small) container of their protein powder and was unimpressed after one serving. And well composed video too!

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